President's Message

This month I get the opportunity to showcase the Feather River Branch of our Section.  I think it’s fair to say that not too many years ago this branch was inactive – at least by today’s comparison. Since that time, the Feather River Branch has surged year-over-year to increase activity through the efforts of memers and officers. It is a beautiful thing to watch this group continue to grow, succeed, and consequently have a positive impact in their community and beyond.

Recent Feather River Branch activity includes:

  • Sponsoring a student resume workshop for California State University, Chico where the branch worked with the Younger Member Forum (YMF) to coordinate speakers from throughout the Section. 
  • A member social at a local brewery to help energize membership and continue to build relationships with the student chapter and the community. 
  • Monthly luncheons with interesting and engaging presentations.  The Department of Water Resources presented on Oroville Dam performance and repair, and Cal Fire provided the branch a presentation on the impact recent fires have had on our infrastructure.  

Current Feather River Branch president, Clay Slocum, P.E., doesn’t see a need to change course immediately for the branch to grow and be successful.  Clay stated, We’ve successfully increased our student participation this year through outreach and collaboration on items like Mid-Pac and the workshops.  Our vision remains the same:  supporting the student chapter and providing our local professionals with high-quality presentations that advance our practice. 

The Section is grateful for all the members and officers – past and present – that have worked diligently to bring the Feather River Branch to where it is today, and we are excited about where it will be tomorrow and in to the future.  I would like to offer a special thanks to Radley Ott, and Clay Slocum.

One final thought…, as I take the pulse of our Section, it seems that much of the success we realize is somehow connected to the Civil Engineering students throughout our Section.  I am convinced that any support we can provide the students now – financially or otherwise – will return dividends sooner, not later.  Please consider contributing to our Golze Scholarship either as an individual or a company.  100% of the money raised is provided to the students.  

As always, your Sacramento Section Board appreciates all that you do to advance our profession.     

Kind Regards,

Adam J. Killinger, PE, GE
ASCE Sacramento Section President 2017-2018