Farewell Note…

I became a member of ASCE in 1984 at the University of Missouri – Rolla, as a result of a curriculum and course requirement (Introduction to Civil Engineering). Back in 1984, the ASCE network was limited to the local campus, and a few field trips. Now, thanks to social media and internet communications, the horizon of ASCE has expanded to the entire world. Today, civil engineers can access information anywhere in the world about the latest technologies and industry advancements, project research, employment opportunities, and networking.

Civil engineers will take the lead in future repairs and upgrades to our depleted infrastructure, relying on new technologies from around the world. I am encouraged by the experience and preparedness of our young civil engineers, as universities continue adapt and change the curricula to supplement theory with case studies and problem solving.

I am honored and privileged that I served as President of ASCE Sacramento Section and worked with the board of directors and Section affiliates to promote and advance our profession. It is difficult to combine a volunteer position with full time job duties and responsibilities. However, it was important for me to share my experience and work together with the Section affiliates and community to communicate with civil engineers and civil engineering students about the state of our infrastructure and related remedies, career development and advancement, and ongoing engineering projects.

I will continue to support the new president and the board in 2017, and will always be part of ASCE. Every day I am reminded about the importance of communications for growth and success. Communication plays a key factor in the workplace and team projects, as well as personal relationships. I will continue to visit college campuses and encourage civil engineering students to attend the ASCE events, and stay informed about policies and advancements that may impact our industry.

My involvement with ASCE and the civil engineering industry allowed me to witness first-hand the difficulty and challenges that most civil engineering students continue to encounter. Paying for a civil engineering education continues to be difficult for many students. The ASCE Alfred R. Golze Scholarship Fund gives scholarships to deserving civil engineering students who have shown outstanding academic achievement, public service, and active ASCE student chapter members. I am honored to continue to work with the board of trustees and our community to promote awareness of the students’ challenges and raise funds for scholarships.

Lastly, I would like to thank my colleagues at the board of directors, the branches, institutes, YMF, and Ms. Michelle Zeiss (Section’s executive assistant) for their effort, commitment, and significant contribution to the success of ASCE Section and its affiliates. 

I look forward to meeting you at ASCE’s events in 2017, and to working together to promote and advance our civil engineering profession.

Yours truly,

Louay M. Owaidat