President's Message

Hello Everyone!  I hope you all had a fun, spooky, and memorable Halloween as we look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday. It has already been a pleasure to serve as your ASCE Sacramento Section President as I am invigorated observing the level of commitment exuded from our branches, Younger Member Forum, institutes, and committees.

As we move into the holiday season, I encourage members to carve out some time for close family and friends. Without encroaching on family time, I also encourage you to step back and reflect on your careers and the journey taken to get here. In doing so, I’ll venture a guess that ASCE has positively touched your careers in more than one way.  

Our Section continues to thrive as assessed by any standard; however, we always have room for strong and caring engineers willing to have a positive impact on our profession beyond their own personal benefit as exemplified by generations of Sacramento Section ASCE contributors prior to us.

As an example opportunity, we have a need for multiple people to join our Sustainability Committee.  We also need direct participation or help soliciting information for our Report Card effort. The Report Card is one of ASCE’s key tools to influence ground swell support for pro civil engineering legislation. Please contact any of our section board members for direction if you are interested in participating. 

Your section board appreciates your efforts.  We are proud to be part of your ACSE administration and look forward to your interest, support, and participation in ASCE. 

Kind Regards, 

Adam J. Killinger, PE, GE
Sacramento Section President 2017-2018