President's Message

I have always been impressed with the energy, creativeness, and activity level of the Sacramento Section Younger Member Forum (YMF).  I have come to admire this group greatly, and I’m proud to showcase them this month in the Engineerogram.  Successful YMF events this past year include:

  • Technical Symposium – The symposium was a great new event organized and by Sacramento YMF. The symposium allowed engineering students and working professionals to network over food and drinks before the presentations. The presentations from YMF members were short technical talks about new innovative ideas and techniques in civil engineering. Students were able to presented their Mid-Pac research topics and get feedback for their competition. 

  • Dream Big Movie Premier –Sacramento YMF invited colleagues, friends, and families of all ages to join them for the Dream Big movie premier they hosted in the heart of downtown Sacramento. The premier included several Civil Engineering themed activities aimed towards K-12 students prior to the showing. The event was a box office hit as the YMF managed to sell out the entire Esquire IMAX theatre!

  • Sacramento Rivercats Minor League Baseball Game- For the sixth year in a row, YMF organized a group outing to the ballpark for members, friends, and family members (members of the section stopped by too!). This continues to be a great social and member recruiting event.  

I asked YMF President Nelson Tejada where he sees the YMF going in the coming year, and this was his response.  “Sacramento YMF will continue building on our relationships with the local ASCE student chapters by offering scholarships, resume workshops and PE review courses. Additionally, expect a few new events from YMF involving technical tours of some of the most impressive civil engineering facilities on the west coast found right here in the Sacramento region. We are actively working on nailing down dates and times so be on the lookout for those announcements in the next few months!”

I extend a sincere congratulation to the YMF on their collective success.  Our Section is fortunate to benefit from having YMF as part of our operations and identity.  You can help YMF raise funds for leadership training and general resources by encouraging a younger engineer to attend classes for the California-specific PE exams (Seismic Principles and Surveying).  The registration link is

As always, your Sacramento Section Board appreciates all that you do to advance our profession.    

Adam J. Killinger, PE, GE
Sacramento Section President 2017-2018