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"Oh, you're a real engineer" That is what was said to me a couple of weeks ago as I was conversing with some dads at my daughter's school.  It started with the cordial "Which girl is yours?" and "Did you grow up around here?" and "So what do you do?".  I soon learned that I was speaking to a graphics design engineer at Intel from Bangladesh, and he in turn found out that I had a civil background and did bridge design. We both had engineering degrees, but it was his exclamation by which I would become known amongst the group of dads, "Oh, you're a real engineer." 

Did you ever stop to think and realize that what you do is indeed real?  We design bridges and buildings. We plan cities and solve transportation congestion.  We clean and distribute water and even restore natural habitats.  We study, plan, mitigate, and improve the environment and lives of all around us. What you do is real engineering.

But not all we do is engineering, nor is it all in the present tense.  Earlier this month, the Construction Institute of the Sacramento Section hosted a Student Days event attended by over 50 students from Sac State, UC Davis, UoP, and Chico State. This two day event was highlighted by an Army Corps of Engineers General, an up close panel of design professionals from various disciplines, and a tour of the Folsom Dam Project.  It was a magnificent event, where the future engineers were the focus.  The planning, preparation, funding, and execution were extensive, but the experience given these students was no less real than the engineering they were learning about.

So keep engineering and keep sharing. One opportunity to do both is to submit a civil engineering project for an ASCE Project Award. You'll find the nomination form and a link to an online form in this EOG.  These awards showcase the real engineering going on around us and honor those that brought them to light. Let's celebrate engineering and remember that whether you're building the next huge project, or building up the next generation, know it is real. We are real. You are real.

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Kyle Sanford


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