Greetings all. I’m truly honored to be serving as your President. I look forward to working with my fellow Section officers, and with those at our Branches, Institutes, Younger Member Forum (YMF), and Student Chapters. My primary goal for the coming year is to increase the collaboration between ASCE Sacramento Section and other civil engineering-oriented professional organizations. They say, “a rising tide lifts all boats,” and my hope is that by engaging with other groups in the Sacramento Region, ASCE will improve the service we provide to our members by expanding our inter-personal networks and gaining new perspectives.

Speaking of service, it is paramount that we ASCE members do our civic duty and vote this November. When you cast your vote, I—and ASCE in general—urge you to vote “NO” on proposition 6. You’ve likely seen ads on TV echoing this statement, including one with our President Kristina Swallow, but in case you haven’t, a “NO” vote will ensure that over 6,500 transportation projects currently underway in the state maintain their funding, and that more than $5 billion in existing transportation funds go directly towards road and bridge safety annually. Please help ASCE keep California transportation infrastructure safe.

And as an ASCE member, be an ambassador for infrastructure by:

1) Checking out the Report Card for California’s Surface Transportation Infrastructure released earlier this month.

2) Visit the No on Prop 6 website for more background and information on why you should vote no on this harmful ballot measure

Please discuss what you find and the implications of continually under-funding our transportation infrastructure with your family, friends, and more importantly the uninformed. Remember, we civil engineers are at the forefront of safeguarding the public. Sometimes we can do this with our designs and analyses, but often we must use our communication skills. Now is one of these times.


Michael V. Konieczki, PE, D.WRE
ASCE Sacramento Section President