ASCE has a home for every civil engineering specialty…

…At every stage of your career.

ASCE’s Institutes are the gateway to professional and personal growth opportunities in specific concentrations of civil engineering. Each Institute focuses on the technical, educational, scientific, and professional aspects within your industry.


AEI- Architectural Engineering Institute

AEI serves the architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical communities by putting its members at the forefront of the building industry. AEI facilitates the crucial communication among members of the building team on a technical basis and in the professional arena. AEI provides its members with timely, quality technical literature, professional advocacy, and educational opportunities.


CI- Construction Institute

CI is the first national organization to meet the needs of all individuals working within the construction industry. CI members include: designers, educators, equipment and material suppliers, testing laboratories, bonding agencies, insurance providers, and financial, accounting, and legal firms that support and contribute to the growth and development of the construction industry.


COPRI- Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute

COPRI is a recognized international leader in improving the knowledge, education, development, and practice of its civil engineers, scientists, managers, and planners in the coastal, ocean, port, and riverine environments.


EMI- Engineering Mechanics Institute

EMI, ASCE's newest Institute, furthers the promotion of both research and the application of scientific and mathematical principles to address a broad spectrum of existing and emerging engineering and societal problems.


EWRI- Environmental & Water Resources institute

EWRI members range from hydrologists, biologists, and academicians to researchers, attorneys, and others involved in "wet and environmental" projects and research. EWRI offers dozens of continuing education seminars each year and drives the advancements of its disciplines through technical activities and committees.


G-I- Geo-Institute

G-I provides a broad portfolio of programs and services to its members to better advance the geoengineering community. G-I members include engineers, scientists, technologists, and organizations interested in improving the environment, mitigating natural hazards, and economically constructing engineered facilities.


SEI- Structural Engineering Institute

SEI is a vibrant community of structural engineers within ASCE. dedicated to serving the unique needs of the structural engineering profession including technical advancements, standards development, professional practice, and supporting local activities. SEI currently addresses BIM, sustainability, seismic design and specialty licensure.


T & DI- Transportation & Development Institute

T & DI serves engineers, planners, developers, public officials, and industry representatives dedicated to improving transportation and fostering appropriate development at the local, regional, state, national, and international levels.