Sustainability Committee

Photo Courtesy Watearth, Inc.

Sacramento Sustainability Committee

Addressing Sustainability Implementation for Multi-Disciplines

We are looking for assistance on identifying projects that have implemented innovative strategies to tour this spring. 

Our Purpose

Provide opportunities for professionals to:

  • Connect Professionals with other ASCE members in the region
  • Promote Envision™ Certification and Training
  • Attend Conferences
  • Write for Newsletter Articles
  • Organize Tours
  • Develop a Sustainability Award for the Section

Tours: Past & Future

CSUS Stormwater Low Impact Development, February 10, 2017

Elk Grove Rain Garden, 2014
Photo Courtesy City of Elk Grove

Future Ideas:  City of Sacramento Water Intake Project, Sylvan Community Project, Citrus Heights Children and Youth Center and Antelope WEL Garden. 

Past Workshops

Envision™ Training Workshop, March 17, 2016, Sacramento, CA