Transportation & Development Institute


The Transportation and Development Institute of ASCE (T&DI) was founded in 2002 as forum for civil engineers whose main interests lie in the field of transportation and development to share ideas and the latest innovations that affect their discipline. The Transportation and Development Institute is comprised of the former ASCE Air Transportation Division, Highway Division, Urban Planning and Development Division, and the ASCE Automated People Movers Standards Committee. T&DI nationally is comprised of over 14,000 dedicated members ranging from scientists to engineers, all of whom come together to share a common vision of becoming a global leader for integrated transportation and development that is safe, secure, and sustainable.

T&DI offers the transportation and development professional the ability to network with other professionals, sharpen skills, ensure professional growth, and shape the future of transportation and development by participating in technical activities, conferences, and the development of internationally recognized standards. With over NN technical committees T&DI is quickly becoming an industry leader in such fields as safety and standards, education, and policy.

Local Chapter

The Sacramento Section’s T&DI is currently presenting speaker program’s for selected Capital Branch monthly luncheon meetings, is initiating a monthly series of “Brown Bag” events during the noon hour Downtown on a variety of informative topics, and will be sponsoring evening and weekend seminars on a variety of technical topics in the near future. Sacramento Section members interested in T&DI activities are encouraged to contact the Chairman of the Section’s T&DI Executive Committee Paul Guyer at [email protected], (530) 758-6637 and make you interests known.