President's Message

Well here we are deep into summer with fall just around the corner. I sincerely hope everyone’s projects are going well and careers advancing as planned. It’s amazing how quickly the years go by in our profession. Please excuse me as I wax nostalgic for a moment. It’s worth taking a moment to reflect on one’s career path while tracking the course forward. 

I remember the excitement of completing my last semester as an undergrad looking forward to that first day on the job where I would be getting paid to be a civil engineer – a real professional in my mind. My concept of what a professional is would certainly evolve with time.

As I captured experience and skills, I gained perspective on what it means to be a civil engineer. That perspective lead me to volunteer with engineering students to help them gain some insight into the profession they were entering. This is when I really began to appreciate what it means to be part of this great profession. I firmly believe that I learned more than I ever imparted to the students. In addition, I have been able to stay in touch with those individuals throughout the years and now have the pleasure of having them as peers. Those of you out there reading this know who you are – thank you. 

I recognize that all of us have our own path, and mine is far from unique. Find a way to share your story with a younger engineer. Our profession will be better off for it. Please help us support the students in our Sacramento Section by clicking here and making a donation of any size to the Golze Scholarship Foundation.    

As always, your Sacramento Section Board appreciates all that you do to advance our profession.     

Kind Regards,

Adam J. Killinger, PE, GE
ASCE Sacramento Section President